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Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Welcome, I’m Florence your sister in thriving here at Dr Flo’s Place.

One of my quirks is that I refer to my favorite things, pet projects, favorite perfume, etc, in the feminine. That said, Dr Flo’s Place is my “thriving haven”, she’s been in my heart and on my vision board for a couple of years now. She was born out of my journey from victimhood, to suvivorhood, and to where I am now thriving and creating this life that to me is delicious and lovely and beautiful.

Have you come through a real hard place? Do you find that the blogs, forums, even therapy sometimes, that had served and supported you well so far no longer seem to fit where you are and whom you are becoming? As you heal, recover, and grow does your heart seek new sources and resources? If yes, then maybe this “thriving haven” is for you.

What then is thriving? For me, thriving is a journey through self-love to the life of your dreams. Surviving is a destination. Surviving to me is moving from pain to relief, it’s moving from hunger to a full tummy, its moving from fear to safety. Thriving, on the other hand, to me is moving from a full tummy to a feast, its moving from safety to adventure to thrill to excitement, its moving from relief to pleasure, to bliss, to fun and thrills. It’s all about living a life that you love, creating a life that you love. And that’s what Dr Flo’s Place is all about. As a result of what I share here at Dr Flo’s Place, women can learn to thrive after surviving toxic life experiences. Here at Dr Flo’s Place, I provide practical tools, actionable steps, simple things you can do everyday to get unstuck, to find joy, and thrive, going forward creating a life you love. Because you deserve it.

Remember, “Surviving is a destination. Thriving is a journey through self-love to the life of your dreams.”

What have you survived? Why do you want to thrive? What is thriving to you? Share, let me know you!

I love you,

Dr Flo


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