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Finding Joy

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

“Seek and you will find.”

The Bible

“What you seek, you will find.”

Dr Flo

Sometimes we get caught up in the mundaneness of life. In moving from surviving to thriving, I have learned that instead of waiting for something “positive” to happen so I can be joyful, I can take present action to find my own joy. Here is a list of 7 ways to find your joy in the moment.

Go out and look up. Yes, literally go outside. Leave your desk, get off the couch, go to the balcony/window, just change your GPS coordinates, and look up. Up into the sky. Is the Sun shining? Is it overcast? Even if the sky is cloudy, know that it is pregnant with rain and when the rain is over, the Sun will shine - again. Because the Sun is always shining, its just time and temporary clouds that obscure my view - for now.

Keep a “My joys” list and add to it regularly. Do you know what brings you joy? I challenge you to create a running list of your joys and keep it in your phone. Make it fun, keep it simple. Tape a few to your dashboard or workspace; someplace you can easily access it during your day. And in those “meh” moments, pull it out, and go do something that’s on there. Here’s a sneak view of some of mine to get you started:

Caramel-flavored popcorn

The sound of rain (smartphone apps are great for this!)

Playing Ludo with my son

Finding a beloved old song from way back

Eating food from home

Watching mother-daughter dance duos on YouTube

Eating out instead of cooking dinner... you get the drift.

Practice Gratitude. I love this one. If I would be remembered for one thing I want it to be that I was ever grateful. So let’s do this... we write down 3 things we are grateful for that money can’t buy. And we feel grateful for them all. Don’t just express gratitude - feel it. Feel grateful and more reasons to be grateful will show up – a sure way to find joy in the moment!

Look at your life, and listen. Take a good look and listen to your life. What is the one thing that’s stealing your joy? What is it that creeps into your conversations, which once shared you regret, but just couldn’t help it. The one thing you find yourself complaining about. I always say complaining is bad for the environment, and if you don’t like something change it, stop it, or leave it alone. Ask for what you want. If you have a hard time changing something, look out for my upcoming post on taking action and making change. Even a small change can work wonders for the soul, just one small step can bring hope and give a sense of well-being.

Do something for someone who can only pay it forward, if they so choose. Meaning they can’t reciprocate ... you know what I mean. The feeling of giving from the heart is itself heartwarming and will lift your spirit.

Complete something on your “Ta-da! List” (Dr Flo speak for To-do list) If you are like me, unfinished tasks nag me, they call my name, they wink at me as I pass by, they sneak into my thoughts and steal my joy. Choose one item that's almost finished and complete it. Picking one thing is a great way to get unstuck and get going.

Dance. Just because physiologically, with physical activity in general and dance in particular, there’s a release of feel-good hormones called endorphins. They lift your mood and will definitely bring joy. And because …

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet” Constanze Mozart

So dream on!

So, 7 ways to find joy in the moment:

Go out and look up

Keep a “My joys” list

Practice Gratitude

Look at your life, and listen

Do something for someone who can only pay it forward

Complete something on your “Ta-da! List”


To thriving with Love,

Dr Flo


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