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The Spa

The Spa


1. Personal Support: This stream of The Spa brings you 1-on-1 support in a calm, safe space.       

    Together, we design your path to thriving beyond whatever you have survived (e.g., domestic violence, trauma, loss). 


Pricing options...

...starting from USD38

2. Career Support: Here I offer 2 streams of support.

  • Platinum Profile: I upgrade your LinkedIn presence through a 40-minute session, with email chats, where we review your current profile, clarify your background/experience, & identify what you want to achieve on LinkedIn. You get a template with step-by-step instructions and text that you can upload to LinkedIn yourself. 

  • Platinum Profile Plus+: I help you strategically get unstuck in a (sometimes accomplished) career and break through the confusion to gain clarity on how to proceed. We have 4 sessions all on your timeline, with email + text chats. In addition to reviewing your CV/Resumé, you get a done-for-you LinkedIn profile (by me), and a Unique Thriving Strategy (including request & response templates, networking details, & more) to uplevel your career going forward. 


Pricing options:





~ Ease ~ Gratitude ~ Kindness ~

Platinum Profile Plus+:                           

Single payment USD 388 

Double Payment USD 175 

Platinum Profile:                           

Single payment USD 138 

Triple Payment USD 50 


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