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How may I serve you?

I don't know about you, but for my friends and I, a day at the Spa is the ultimate experience in self-care/indulgence/self-love/pampering! Here in Japan its the onsen for me. 

SELF-LOVE is the key to recovery, healing, and wholeness. It is one of our core values at Dr. Flo’s Place. Surviving is a destination and thriving... is a journey through self-love to the life you dream of.


This Spa at Dr. Flo's Place is unique, providing simple Tools, practical Systems, and personalized Support to help you get unstuck, find your joy, and thrive as the Queen you always were.

By training, I'm a highly qualified medical professional with over 2 decades of experience working in clinical practice, medical education, cancer research, and medical communications. By heart, I'm a daughter of God, mom of teenage sons, lover of music, huge fan of ice cream, and an avid supporter of women. I love creating safe spaces. Today I'm building a community of women who are moving beyond surviving to Thriving as Queens

It was a long journey to get to this point and it wasn't easy. You see, many years ago I was shattered, like so many are today. I found myself alone with 2 little ones under the age of 5 in a women’s shelter in a country where I didn't speak the language and had no friends or family. It wasn’t because I couldn't afford rent. It’s just that we’d gone through some stuff that no one should ever have to, and we needed a haven urgently.

At that time in my life I was broken–physically, emotionally, and mentally–I could barely
function in daily life. And no, I wasn't overworked or lazy. It was the fear I felt, all the time, in places I should have felt the safest. It got so bad, that I was even asked to withdraw from a doctoral program that I had crossed continents to enroll in. Now, don't get the wrong idea, it wasn't because my grades had dropped or I wasn’t excelling, it was because my life circumstances had become so incredibly challenging that I was no longer able to function in society, constantly being crippled with fear and anxiety. If you had asked back then, if anyone around expected that I would ever recover, raise a family, and graduate, they would have said no freaking way. 

I was desolate, confused, and terrified. For years I struggled with fear, anxiety, isolation, self-doubt, and insecurity. I then had a kind encounter with gratitude, and it all turned around for me. It seemed like nothing had changed around me, but everything had changed inside me. I learned the power of gratitude and how that can change one's perspective. When our perspective changes, then our outcome changes as well.

I learned to be grateful for everything I'd come through and survived, as well as everyone I'd met on the way. I started to see each experience as a gift. I learned kindness and compassion for myself, the same way circumstances had trained me to show love and kindness to everyone but myself. I finally understood the patterns that led me to make unhealthy choices and decisions in my personal and professional life. Then, with a lot of help, I started to unlearn them. Most of all, I learned to truly love myself. Then I chose to thrive.


So, If you are... a survivor.
Then, Sis, you've come through some really hard stuff. I acknowledge you and I am proud of you.


If you're ready to get unstuck from a toxic past, find joy, and thrive as a Queen, I'd be honored to show you how I did just that and support you in taking your first step to creating a life you love.

I offer free consultations at TimeWithDrFlo so you find out more about how I can support you or connect you with the support you need. I'm excited about your new journey, and I look forward to talking with you soon.

Work With Flo
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The Spa 



As survivors, we face unique challenges as we are often working several jobs while raising children & caring for other family members, and just trying to get through each day. I learned to navigate problems at work, find suitable work, and make a career change, and find fulfilling ways to earn a living. 

Or are you dealing with health-related concerns from past experiences.

Maybe you have had to start life all over again and are feeling isolated. You may even have friends/colleagues, yet you wonder how you can ever have authentic community and a high-value network... personal and professional.

And do you have issues with raising your children and being an effective parent?

I did too. 

I can help.

We can clarity call at TimeWithDrFlo

My Offerings:


  1. Career Support for Working Mothers: Laser Coaching that is quick, short, focused, and personal. With resources and knowledge to manage workplace issues, job search, and other things related to earning a living. Nothing is off-limits, be it drafting an email, responding to job ads, updating your CV, prepping for an interview, or starting a business. Get details here.

  2. Personal Support: I walk with you through personal coaching tailored to your needs based on my 7- step Survivor to Queen™ toolkit. More info here.

  3. Group Coaching: Join 6-8 queens on an 8-week journey of self-discovery, self-love, mind mastery, and thriving no matter what. Get details here.

Free Consultation

Career SUpport


WOrking Mothers


EASE is another of our core values at Dr Flo's Place (of course!), that's why I designed these playbooks. Together we explore hacks, tools, and tips for success while creating more freedom, being more productive, and having more ease and joy. Click on the titles below for details.

Courses are available as a bundle or solo. Your choice. 

The Time Management Playbook

Overcome Overwhelm (available for preorder)

Emotional Intelligence Leverage (available for preorder)



​Our Community is The Queens Thrive™ Facebook Group​. Join us!

I know you have come through so much. I also know you can...

  • Attract & SUSTAIN a new network

  • Choose healthy connections 

  • Get a new mindset

  • Start creating a life you absolutely love​


Get your free clarity call now at TimeWithDrFlo 

You deserve


YOU desire

Not sure what path is right for you? Get in touch with me...

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