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When Dad hurts Mom

Why Does He Do That?

Several years ago, I was broken–physically, emotionally, and mentally–I could barely
function in daily life. And it wasn't that I was overworked or lazy, no. It was fear in the places I should have felt the safest, and a series of really hard life experiences. I was even asked to withdraw from a doctoral program that I had crossed continents to enroll in. Not because my grades had dropped or I wasn’t excelling. Just that my life circumstances had become so incredibly challenging, it was unimaginable that I'd ever recover, raise a family, and graduate.

I was desolate.  Confused. Insecure. And terrified. For years I struggled… until I had an encounter with gratitude. Then it all turned around for me. Nothing changed around me, but everything changed inside me. 

I learned the power of gratitude to change perspective.

And perspective determines outcome.

I learned to be grateful for everything I'd come through and everyone I'd met. To see opportunity in each experience as a gift from God. I learned kindness and compassion for myself, the same way life had trained me to show love and kindness to everyone but myself. I finally understood the patterns that led me to make unhealthy choices and decisions in my personal and professional life. Then, with help, I started to unlearn them. Most of all, I learned to love myself. Then I chose to thrive.


So, If you are... a survivor.
 Then Sis’, you've come through some really hard stuff. And I salute you.

If you're ready to get unstuck from a toxic past, find joy, and thrive, I'd be honored to show you how I did just that.

Book a Free 20-min Consultation at TimeWithDrFlo to find out more.

"You are not what happened to you you are more than what you survived."

Work With Flo
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after surviving toxic life experiences

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The Survivor to Queen™ Coaching Model

This program is based on the Survivor to Queen 7-step system, which is designed for a transformative journey beyond surviving to thriving.


Clarity On Who You Can Be; Freedom to Become Her

Take Forward Action; Develop An Empowered Mindset

Emotional Awareness And Mastery

Self-love Discovery

Choosing Safely

Meeting Challenges With Grace

Resiliency: Thriving No Matter What

Career Support for Working Mothers

This laser coaching program is dear to my heart. It is focused and directed to an immediate need/challenge you are faced with. I mine my experience as a solo-mom working in academia/medical research to support you with: 

  • Career Choices

  • Workplace Challenges

  • Professional Profile Review (LinkedIn, CV/Resume)

Schedule a free consultation at TimeWithDrFlo to know more

Complimentary Consultations

On a complimentary consultation, we'll: 

  • Crystallize your vision for your new life and clarify what thriving looks like for you 

  • Identify your biggest challenge to thriving,

  • Design actionable steps you can take right away to start thriving

I'll also share where your vision aligns with my vision, and how my program can support you to move beyond surviving to become the queen you are. This way we're both clear on whether we can work together to achieve your vision. If we're a fit, we’ll get started. If not, I’m happy to offer or direct you to other resources that might be more suitable.

Ready to take 1 step?
Book a Free 20-minute Consultation


One2One Coaching

Survivor to Queen Platinum
Coaching Program 

Survivor to Queen

Coaching Program

Custom Laser Coaching

Career Support


Working Mothers

Free Consultation

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