About Dr. Flo

A Japan-based physician-scientist by training and a mom and avid supporter of women by heart, Dr. Flo’s mission is unique: to help women thrive as Queens after surviving toxic life experiences. 


Many years ago she was broken and found herself alone with 2 toddlers in a women’s shelter in a foreign country. She didn't speak the language, had no friends or family, and could see no way out. All this had nothing to do with money or academic performance. It was a need for safety and a haven. Shattered–body, mind, and soul–she could hardly cope with daily life. Her situation was so bad, she was even asked to withdraw from the doctoral program that had brought her all the way from West Africa. However, turn around came when she had an encounter with gratitude through a book she read. That experience was a game-changer. She survived, and she recovered. Today she is thriving, building a community of women who are moving beyond surviving to Thriving as Queens.

As a daughter of God, Dr. Flo is passionate about creating safe spaces and providing resources to help women thrive.



Florence O. Ene, MBBS, Ph.D.

About Dr. Flo's Place 

At Dr. Flo’s Place, recovery doesn’t stop at surviving. Women who have survived toxic life experiences—intimate partner abuse, domestic violence, or loss—can own their power, move beyond surviving, and thrive as Queens.

Dr. Flo’s place offers hope and helps survivors struggling with physical/mental exhaustion, financial/job challenges, emotional/social isolation, & child care/parenting issues.

To work with Dr Flo, visit The Spa for resources to thrive in:

  • Work & Livelihood 

  • Health & Wellness 

  • Connection & Community 

  • Parenting & Childcare

Listen to The Podcast for interviews on life topics. The Blog draws on her personal and professional experience in overcoming and is a space for authentic sharing and supportive content to help women Thrive as Queens.

Visit The Library for free resources and a list of books Dr Flo recommends. Books that she's read and that have helped her in her own journey. The Foundation gives opportunities to give back in love. Finally, The Summit is a live, dynamic, inspiring, annual experience that connects survivors with experts.

You survived. It’s time to get unstuck, find joy, and THRIVE!